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Moving Canton Forward

Transparent. Ethical. Responsible.

Meet Dian Slavens

Who I Am

In 1988 my husband Mark and I moved to Canton because we wanted to raise a family in a place that has quality public schools and great community resources. Our three children, now grown, are proud graduates of the Plymouth Canton school system, which my grandson now attends. I’ve been active in this community at all levels, as a volunteer, church member, and an elected leader. 


Growing up in a Union household, I learned the value of hard work and advocacy. I’ve carried out these values in all aspects of my life, whether as a mother raising my children, in my career as a respiratory therapist, or in my role as an elected official. I ran for public office because I’m deeply invested in Canton and care about our community. I proudly served as your State Representative for six years making sure your voices were heard in Lansing and I bring that same sense of pride and responsibility to my job as your Treasurer.


I believe in balance. Whether it's balancing my checkbook or the Township budget, I know the value of a dollar. That is why I voted to cut my pay in Lansing and against a pay raise here at the Township. I make sure we continue to aggressively pay down the neglected unfunded pension and retiree health obligations. In fact, we were able to use a $3 million budget surplus to pay down the OPEB liabilities in 2018. I’m proud that we’ve been able to help residents plan their budgets better by changing quarterly water billing to bi-monthly and providing over two years of water rate reductions to residents.

It is a privilege and an honor to serve and I hope to earn your vote on November 3rd so we can keep moving Canton forward in a transparent, ethical, and fiscally responsible way.

Meet Dian
My Priorities

My Priorities



The poor condition of our roads has been a problem for years and is a big concern for Canton residents. In 2018 voters approved a Road Improvement Program to fix Canton’s crumbling infrastructure and increase safety on Ford Road. As your Treasurer, I will ensure that we’re making fiscally sound choices so that your tax dollars are spent in a responsible way. I will also continue to work with homeowners associations, regional partners in the public and private sectors, and Wayne County to make sure we are proactive moving forward when it comes to infrastructure.


Accountability & Transparency

As Treasurer, I am responsible for collecting taxes and water billing and I understand that paying taxes and bills can be an unpleasant reality. That is why I make it a point to educate the community about where our tax dollars go and how they are being spent. Whether it’s through my monthly column in Canton’s Focus newsletter or speaking with residents in person, it’s my goal to make the process transparent and to make my office accountable.


Fiscal Health

As Treasurer, I am Canton’s fiscal steward. It is my job to make sure tax dollars are spent wisely and to help educate our community about costs. I have a history of fiscal responsibility. When I was your State Representative I took a pay cut and sponsored a bill to get rid of lifetime healthcare for legislators because I believe elected officials should make sacrifices before we ask our community to. I bring that same belief to my job as Treasurer and have worked hard to earn your trust. Keeping water bills low is one of my priorities and Canton has seen reduced water rates for two years in a row. I have also made it easier for residents to pay water bills by phone and to easily access their usage history. I am currently working on e-billing in response to the many residents who’ve requested the ability to go paperless and pay online.



I am serious about the responsibilities of Treasurer. The people of Canton deserve someone who is dedicated to safeguarding their tax dollars and who is accountable to the public. That is why making myself available, especially at tax time, to residents who have questions or concerns is a priority for me. I also strive for professional excellence. To that end I have taken advantage of education and training through the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association (MMTA) and have completed the Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer program. 


"I’ve had the rare honor of working for and working with Dian Slavens. As a boss and as a colleague I’ve seen a compassionate, hard worker that always puts the needs of her constituents first. She has always made it a priority to get to know our residents, to find out how best she can serve them. I’m happy to support her re-election as Township Treasurer and know that she will continue to work diligently to Move Canton Forward." 

— Sommer Foster, Canton Trustee

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